Ethical Space

OK Saskatchewan…let’s talk.

As I sit here shortening my friend list, and making some real enemies I wonder if there is a way that we can talk, like have the real conversation that needs to happen?  My answer is the ever hopeful, steeped…


Sioux chef

I cannot begin to share how excited I am about the newest addition to the Indigenous line-up.  A friend recently sent me the video of Sioux Chef, a group of Indigenous chefs who are bringing back both traditional recipies and…


“Indigenous Writes” Clarifies Everything

Are you still looking for a book that will clarify Indigenous peoples, places, and issues?  A great narrative style read that will shine a light on all of the grey and shaded areas of nuance and subterfuge within the framework…



#indigenouseducation I happen to be in the middle of research for a new project and thought it might be time to move into some non-print resources.  While Twitter isn’t normally on my ‘go-to’ list of research tools, I was more…