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Winter and Storytelling

Winter falls like a blanket, cold and dark, so the world can slow, rest and recharge. In many Indigenous cultures winter is a time of community and storytelling.  During the long, cold nights, children were taught about their history, their…

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The Lessons of Winter

As we shift into the time of Winter I am reminded of the myriad of lessons that accompany this season.  On the medicine wheel that I am most familiar with, Winter is in white at the North of the wheel. …

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A Curated Life

Have you considered yet that the days ahead might represent one of the most spectacular opportunities of our lives? I am not making light of the difficult situation facing families, especially families who have vulnerable people.  I am noting that…

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Rock Your Mocs and First Followers

Throughout this year I have witnessed many images and stories in the media of empowered youth, and as a student of unwritten histories, I am well-aware that this is not a new development.  The new element of this story for…

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Learning from Fall

Fall sits in the West on the Medicine Wheel as do the moon, water and adulthood.  One of the most beautiful and relevant gifts we have as educators is the world around us. Fortunately, land-based education is accessible to everyone…