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New Spring Teachings

Across the prairies, life is unfolding a little bit differently than it has in years past.  I hear the voices of chickadees and crows setting their boundaries as they always have, but the voices are a little clearer this time…

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A Curated Life

Have you considered yet that the days ahead might represent one of the most spectacular opportunities of our lives? I am not making light of the difficult situation facing families, especially families who have vulnerable people.  I am noting that…

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Children’s Peace Prize

There are so many young people in our communities stepping forward to carry the burden of land stewardship, and yet so few ways to honour them. offers one very spectacular opportunity. Each year they gather nominations from around the…

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Being an Ally

I am very grateful to Patti Rowley for her leadership as an ally.  Patti has found her calling as someone who can support, highlight and set the stage for groups who struggle to find or share their voice.  This beautiful…


Sioux chef

I cannot begin to share how excited I am about the newest addition to the Indigenous line-up.  A friend recently sent me the video of Sioux Chef, a group of Indigenous chefs who are bringing back both traditional recipies and…