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Relationships Matter: and here’s why.

The question that I am asked most often in my day-to-day reality is; “How do I Indigenize my classroom?” Or “How do I engage Indigenous learners?” and the answer is deceivingly simple.  The answer is relationship, kinship, and a student…

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Shame on you Bronwyn Eyre

Fortunately it still surprises me when an educated human makes blatantly colonial and racially thoughtless public statements.  This was the case with Bronwyn Eyre’s comments about Saskatchewan education as shared in the House last week.  The fact that they were…

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There is a story I heard about a man who spends everyday at the pool in the summertime. He is the only one in the pool and becomes accustomed to having it all to himself. One day the pool is…

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Children’s Peace Prize

There are so many young people in our communities stepping forward to carry the burden of land stewardship, and yet so few ways to honour them. offers one very spectacular opportunity. Each year they gather nominations from around the…

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Being an Ally

I am very grateful to Patti Rowley for her leadership as an ally.  Patti has found her calling as someone who can support, highlight and set the stage for groups who struggle to find or share their voice.  This beautiful…

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The Unfair Race

It is always shocking to see inequality in action and the “Unfair Race” video is no exception.  But it is also a cautionary tale.  These kinds of exercises are gut wrenching for participants and easily picked apart by onlookers.  The…


Sioux chef

I cannot begin to share how excited I am about the newest addition to the Indigenous line-up.  A friend recently sent me the video of Sioux Chef, a group of Indigenous chefs who are bringing back both traditional recipies and…


“Indigenous Writes” Clarifies Everything

Are you still looking for a book that will clarify Indigenous peoples, places, and issues?  A great narrative style read that will shine a light on all of the grey and shaded areas of nuance and subterfuge within the framework…