There is a story I heard about a man who spends everyday at the pool in the summertime. He is the only one in the pool and becomes accustomed to having it all to himself. One day the pool is opened up to the public and becomes the center of the community, actively used by a large number of people on a regular basis. The man does not dislike the people, but misses the days when he was the only one in the pool.

This story is an amazing example of the concept of “White Privilege”. At one point the man had something that no one else had (access to the pool), then when the pool was opened to the public (equal access for all) the man no longer had it to himself (loss of privilege). This man did not necessarily see his pool access as privilege, but I bet the people looking in from the outside did.

#yxe has struggled with both overt and hidden racism throughout my lifetime, but the “its ok to be white” posters still seem to be a bit of a regression. Come on folks – It has always been ok to be white in #Saskatoon. Maybe it is time that we made it ok for everyone?