I cannot begin to share how excited I am about the newest addition to the Indigenous line-up.  A friend recently sent me the video of Sioux Chef, a group of Indigenous chefs who are bringing back both traditional recipies and traditional ingredients.  The video intrigued me so much that  I immediately looked up their site.  According to their mission statement;

We are a team of Anishinaabe, Mdewakanton Dakota, Navajo, Northern Cheyenne, Oglala Lakota, Wahpeton-Sisseton Dakota and are ever growing. We are chefs, ethnobotanists, food preservationists, adventurers, foragers, caterers, event planners, artists, musicians, food truckers and food lovers.

We are committed to revitalizing Native American Cuisine and in the process we are re-identifying North American Cuisine and reclaiming an important culinary culture long buried and often inaccessible.

Now I could never be considered an authority on food or cooking, but I really think this might be worth checking out!

The Sioux Chef