I happen to be in the middle of research for a new project and thought it might be time to move into some non-print resources.  While Twitter isn’t normally on my ‘go-to’ list of research tools, I was more than pleasantly surprised once I found the right hashtag.  My current focus is ‘Culturally Based Education’ and I tried several options before I found it, but when I did it was gold.  

The conversation within this hashtag is education based, informative, and inclusive of Indigenous perspectives from all across the globe.  

Educators and institutions at all levels are present sharing good practice, and resources that work.  @passthefeather shares fourdirectionsteachings.com, with the comments “Amazing. Take it to the classroom”,  @CBCIndigenous publishes a must read article about “How Science and First Nations Oral traditions are Converging”, and the Australian Council of Deans of Education distributes a 3hour webinar on “how To Be A More Competent and Confident Teacher of Indigenous Education and students”.  

Inside of five years ago this was not the case.  Online resources for Indigenous knowledge, events, and teaching were present, but overly academic.  Access to peer knowledge, and a teaching community in the area of Indigenous knowledge are welcome additions to the growing body of accessible information for anyone who is interested.  

While I understand the absolute necessity of highly academic writing and discourse.  I love that real people are discussing real Indigenous issues and teaching practices in real time.  What’s your go-to hashtag?